Conditioning Activities and Training

In our dogs we respect what the breed was created to be and work it to and according to the traits that we feel would best allow them to succeed at those.

With Presas we value a civil, defensive dog first and foremost with a good prey drive. This is a guard dog. Defense is a must. As a historical livestock and rural dog, workability is also highly regarded.
We keep these dogs to do a job. These are not couch potatoes or kenneled between working sessions. These are active guardians. Positioned, trained and able to defend our family, day and night. We live in a rural setting in Alberta, Canada, 40 minutes at highway speed from the nearest Police Detachment. Our Presas are our first line of defense.

For this reason we test much in civil work and train in PSA (Protection Sport Association) style protection and obedience.
I like PSA, I like dogs titled in this and other sports. First and foremost though, I train to protect my family and property. I feel that PSA is the sport that best represents the traits I value. Having said that, I certainly value many dogs who have not or will not compete in this arena.
We currently train with UK9BG PSA Club in Calgary, AB Canada. In the past, currently, and certainly going forward, we have trained with some of the best and some of the most experienced trainers working with this and other similar style of dogs.